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We need accountability journalism now more than ever

We often neglect reading a journalist’s name on an article, we may even neglect to remain informed and not read the article at all. Throughout daily life, the name Ronan Farrow means nothing. In my adventures as a journalist, on the other hand, that name means a lot. But why should you care who he is and why do we need more journalists like him? If life were a Western, preferably excluding Clint Eastwood, Farrow would be the sheriff-gone-rogue, while the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Tru

Slovakian courage trumps government corruption

On the 9th of March, Slovakia witnessed its biggest protest since the communism-ousting Velvet Revolution of 1989. Tens of thousands, the Guardian reports, assembled in the Slovak National Uprising Square to attempt to pressure Prime Minister Robert Fico’s government into resignation. The country is in an uproar after the murders of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kušnírová. The two 27-year-olds were killed in their house east of Bratislava. The murders are suspected to be in reta

CU Boulder’s Muslim Community Reacts To Punish A Muslim Day

During March, fliers headlined “Punish a Muslim day 3rd April 2018” reached Muslim communities in Colorado. Originating in London and mimicking the same delivery style, the anonymously sent fliers were left outside mosques and religious centers. The inciting message detailed a point system: the worse the crime, the higher the points. Almost 17 years after 9/11, Muslims in the U.S. continue to encounter xenophobia and hate crimes. Muslims and Muslim immigrants in general are largely successful i