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This Billionaire’s Solution To U.S. Soccer Makes Sense, Kind Of

Rocco Commisso migrated to the U.S. from Italy at the age of 12 without a word of English, except maybe ‘no’, ‘yes’ and ‘may I use the bathroom, please.’ You know, the essentials. The Italian-American later founded Mediacom Communications Corporation, MCC, of which he’s also the CEO. The MCC is the fifth-largest cable television company in the country, which also makes the 68-year-old a Forbes billionaire.

Dear Chelsea, You Have Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

Back in February, it was the humiliating 4-1 loss to Watford that was deemed the low point of Antonio Conte’s stewardship of Chelsea FC, but on Easter Sunday, Chelsea conceded a 3-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge to Tottenham — Spurs’ first victory at the Bridge in 28 years. It’s one that will surely define the spiraling Conte era in Chelsea history. The bitter loss led to Chelsea falling out of the top four race, a failure Conte will not face alone. Along with their Italian manager, Chelsea’s hiera

Landon Donovan Is Right, American Talent Is Being Ruined By Club Negligence

At first there was the phenomenon of the Hollywood player, when the likes of David Beckham and Thierry Henry migrated to the world of American soccer. No need to mention Zlatan here, that’s just sad, isn’t it? These larger-than-life players spending their final playing days on MLS pitches was entertaining, but not alarming. They didn’t barricade entry to other players — namely young, talented American players. The clubs did. These big names didn’t hinder the rise of young stars. Landon Donovan

Boring, Boring Man United As The Reds Go Marching Out, Out, Out

On Tuesday, Manchester United were scraped off the Champions League roster the same way a disgruntled toddler tosses away an old, broken toy: with no remorse. The toy, like the Red Devils, deserved it. The toddler, you wonder? Jose Mourinho. Then again, Manchester United is not Toys “R” Us. We can’t just toss it away and forget about it. It’s a monumental part of the beautiful game, but instead of being a citadel for soccer excellence, as it once was, it is now a parody of its former self. The

Will Peru Do To World Cup 2018 What Leicester Did To The EPL In 2016?

For the first time since 1982, 36 years later, Peru will be playing in the FIFA 2018 World Cup. But we all know that story and, frankly, defeating New Zealand isn’t that special. Sorry, Kiwis. What is more shocking than that is Peru’s latest streak of record-breaking success which, despite the country’s current political climate and doping national team captain, might earn them a decent spot in the World Cup. Or they could win it, why not? Here’s Peru’s World Cup qualifying goal against New Zea

Gigi Buffon’s 'Garbage Bin' Referee Makes Quick Return To EPL Action

Michael Oliver, the referee who took a stand and freed Narnia from the evil grasp of Sauron, returned to Premier League duty on Monday in a 1-1 draw between West Ham United and Stoke City. Okay, fine, Oliver didn’t fight any orcs or free Narnia, but the man did end Gianluigi Buffon’s dreams of winning the Champions league. Oliver sparked controversy after red-carding Buffon once the shot-stopping, brick wall of a goalkeeper got a bit too touchy. The call also sealed the Juventus veteran’s fate